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For The Record

Haven't written anything for Scalzi's editorial gig. Don't expect to at this point -- I'm not going to be making any effort to write something in the last day or so of the month here, although I suppose I could. I really don't feel any enthusiasm for the effort, though, which makes it a dead issue.

Same goes for NaNoWriMo... I could do something for that this year, but I'm finding a great lack of interest inside myself there, too. Without actually wanting to do it, I don't see any particular point in actually doing it. I don't have any stories that I absolutely have to tell, nor does there seem to be anything in my subconciously clawing to get out, or any other such thing. So, I'll use my productive time (such as it is) to study Japanese or something instead.

Been making progress there, but it's been frustratingly slow. I blame poor sleep.

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