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Densha Otoko (電車男)

Otaku meets love princess. Antics ensue, and against all odds, the nice guy wins.

But damn, Densha is a blubbering idiot, and his love interest -- well, yes, she may be rich and classy, but she's also the most unbelievably boring girl conceivable (and if this girl is the ultimate Japanese male fantasy... Damn, but the average Japanese male seriously needs to find some imagination). I mean, I don't even think she's particularly attractive (but I do seem to be in the minority here, for what it's worth). Half the time I was watching the show I wanted to slap one or the other (or both) of them, or better yet, lock them in a closet together and be done with it.

Still... I obviously got addicted, and ended up watching it all in the space of about a day or so. It's certainly proof positive that a good soundtrack (and a good theme song) adds immeasurably to the viewing experience. But... I suppose the real reason I kept watching is that despite the fact that the two main characters are pathetic, I still rooted for them, and the supporting characters were almost universally great. And, well, it was damned funny a lot of the time, too. And, you know, the soundtrack. And giant robots. Well, giant robot figurines, anyway.

Anyway, it's based on a true story and all that. Makes you wonder which parts were real and which weren't.

Angel (Season 5)

Okay, some redemption for the show here, after the mediocre crap that had been par for the series before. Let's see... Mexican wrestling, Spike as a Nazi (God save the King!), Angel as a muppet (I do not have puppet cancer!), and who can forget the immortal (ciao!)... That enough for you?

Oh, and a fine ending.


Almost halfway through the box set (three movies so far). Cheesy old-school blind samurai goodness -- what else is there to say?

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