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Go To Your Room!

"I'm really glad that worked. Those would have been terrible last words."

I'm about three-quarters the way through the new Doctor Who series, and I'm finding it terribly entertaining. Which isn't to say it's actually good... It's actually rather cheesy and bad -- what would you expect from Doctor Who, anyway? But still fun. And it brings out a bit of nostalgia in me, too, from the days long, long ago when I was a kid and used to stay up late Friday or Saturday nights to see it on KCPT 19 -- Kansas City Public Television. To see the same old music and opening credits again... But cooler. It makes me happy. :)

High points: the upgraded Daleks (albeit still cheesy and impractical -- but the line with the stairs was priceless). The iPod joke. And the half-way decent special effects (although they're still almost a decade behind or so).

A few episodes yet to go... And then I'll try to finish Angel season 5 again, probably. That one's been slow going, despite the good episode here and there.

Update: incidentally, that dialog was written by Steven Moffat, who some of you might recognize as the creator of Coupling.

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