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Hey, They Won One

This one I attribute (ironically) to getting the offense back. Missing Roaf and Welbourn on the offensive line probably hurt them more than anything else could have. I still think they would have lost in Denver (damn them and their annoyingly loud fans in the apartment upstairs), but the Philadelphia game was winnable.

Of course, I was dead asleep for the game; no chance of actually watching, listening, or otherwise witnessing this one. Still, wish I had cable for the highlights -- but not enough to actually pay for it.

[The tiny language-competent part of my brain thinks that maybe the last two syllables of my title should be one of those repeated Japanese words, like "choko choko" or "goro goro" -- ignoring the fact that the vowel in question doesn't actually exist in Japanese, the sound a happy fan makes: "wun wun". You can feel free to shun me now.]

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