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Even More Unadventures

Various things:

Ah, new tires are always fun to drive on. Especially for somebody like me who tends to wear most (or sometimes all) of the tread off before replacing them.

Lost my zipper off of my North Face jacket. Actually realized it was missing when I went to zip it up yesterday, only to find... Nothing. That is, no zipper. Thanks to a co-worker, I found it sitting on a table here at work (not that I was looking for it at that point, I'd just mentioned it was missing). Of course, now that I've found it I might be able to get it fixed (North Face is pretty good with the warrantees, but I'm not really sure if this would be covered or not). Of course, that kind of blows the excuse I'd otherwise have to go buy a new jacket in a cooler color. I'm still torn on which I should do (although, if I got a heavier jacket, say, with a hood, the lack of zipper on this wouldn't matter as much, since I'd wear this in the merely cool weather when I never zip it up anyway).

Followed a fire truck (well, fire rescue vehicle of some sort, with lots of blinkenlights and sirens and such) all the way down I-25 today. Not entirely sure why they bothered with the lightshow, since they would have gone faster if they'd just left the lights and such off (not to mention that the additional distraction might have led to even more accidents than the one they apparently were en route to) -- having people come to a complete stop in the slow lane for them was a bit of an overreaction if you ask me, and sure didn't help their progress having to worry about avoiding them. Made it interesting to be behind them, too...

I need to buy jeans. I need to buy jeans real bad. Hrmph. Didn't want to go on a spending spree this month. I should really start getting rid of all that crap I've got lying around that I meant to get rid of already on EBay or whatever.

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