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Car Adventures

So, last night, before work, my car wouldn't start. Which was annoying, not only because it had been working all evening up to that point, but because I had to go in to work, and it was ten o'clock at night, when there weren't a lot of people stirring, and I couldn't call my apartment office or something to see if somebody could give me a jump. So, I called work, told them I'd likely be late, and then considered my options.

I ended up calling Wil, who did me a huge favor by dropping over and giving me a jump, and I even made it into work (almost) on time. I definitely owe him a beer or six for this one.

So, this morning, I'm planning to take the car in, get it its overdue oil change, and a new battery. This one was certainly worth however much Honda paid for it, though, as this will be the first time I've bought a new battery since I got the car seven years and a few months ago.

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