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Two shows:

Wonderfalls: I'd never heard of it until just recently, right before Kyaa lent me the DVDs. It's basically the story of a girl who, ah, starts hearing voices. Sort of. Well, wax lions, stuffed animals and the like start talking to her. It's very odd and quirky, and really darned good. And funny. I loved it.

Apparently only three or four episodes ever aired, and it's a shame there wasn't more, as it was a good show, but the 13 episodes on the DVDs do reach a fair sense of closure, so it's not the end of the world.

Good Luck: This was the other show that came almost completely out of the blue. Last weekend at Nan Desu Kan, instead of watching anime, I spent almost the entire time (well, time not spent being social, anyway) in the "dorama" (ドラマ) room, watching the "live action" stuff. The highlight of the weekend was this show, so much so that we were addicted after less than two episodes, and kept requesting more, until we ended up seeing five episodes in all. Of course, the minute I got home, I started searching for the fansubs, and today I watched the other five episodes.

This one is (mainly) about a new Japanese pilot for "All Nippon Airways" (全日空 -- yeah, yeah, I was paying attention to the Japanese :) and the various adventures, trials, and tribulations he and some of his co-workers have. It's very cheesy, and very earnest, in a way that seems to be very typical of Japanese drama (in truth, it seems to be typical of a lot of things Japanese, from what I can tell), and a lot contrived. But it's also engrossing as all hell. I loved it.

At any rate, it looks like I have a new addiction. I hadn't been terribly addicted to anime in a while (I've barely watched it the last couple of years), but it looks like this might replace it for a while.

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