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I-25 was a total charlie foxtrot tonight -- the construction doesn't usually have much effect on my commute, but tonight it cost me about forty minutes (on what normally takes me about twenty). This was by far the worst I'd seen since I've been working nights.

Got word back from my regular checkup: my A1C dropped over a point, to 6.2, getting most of the way back to normal. My guess is that it will be under 6.0 by next time I get it checked in five months or so. Cholesterol was high-normal, everything else checked out fine. Still need to drop some weight, as my blood pressure's still hovering around the margin (despite all those expensive meds). So, overall, good news, and it looks like the sudden trend towards diabetes was just a temporary result of the pancreatitis (which I seem to have completely recovered from. Yay).

Still getting plenty of hiking in, finally made it up to Rocky Mountain National Park on labor day, had a blast, and seem to be in better shape than I thought (for the record, in all the years I've been going to RMNP, this was the first time I've been there in the summer -- the closest I've made it there before was the first day of fall, despite dozens and dozens of trips -- mostly in the winter). The next couple of "weekends" I plan to go back -- the aspens should be peaking soon, so I'll be toting the camera.

Could use a lot more sleep, though. It's making me cranky.

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