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Well, this morning (well, technically yesterday morning at this point) may have been the last time I climb Carpenter Peak for a while. Apparently, we're officially past the drought, as it's starting to get a little overgrown (I've never seen so such happy scrub oak there in the five or six years I've been visiting Roxborough State Park). It's much too hot to hike with anything but shorts (actually, I'd say it's a little too hot to hike it at all). Everyone else I saw on the trail had long pants -- but then, everyone else I saw on the trail was probably retired and definitely taking their time. I'll probably go back when all the green stuff is dead.

Of course, the obvious solution is to gain altitude, and start hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park instead. I think I'd rather hike through pine and aspen forest than scrub oaks anyway, or get above treeline altogether. Plus, cooler. And, despite the dozens and dozens of times I've been there, I've still never visited it in the summer (mostly winter and spring for snowshoeing).

I'm kind of in lousy shape, though. I haven't recovered from the soul- (and energy-)sucking year-and-a-half at Echostar yet, and it's way past time. Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe the night shift is taking something out of me. Either way, I was under no illusions that I'd be taking a shot at the Pikes Peak Marathon Ascent this year (even if I'd escaped Echostar in time to make a run at it, which I didn't), and may never actually shoot for it again (I've never managed the Barr Trail in under eight hours as it is... Right now I'm nowhere near that. Almost 8000 vertical feet in under five and a half hours is what I'd describe as... Hard).

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