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Things I Never Knew

Well, some time back, I got hooked on Puffy AmiYumi (or, just Puffy, as they're called in Japan). I found out later that the band was produced (and many of their best songs were written) by Andy Sturmer, who happened to be a member of my favorite short-lived U.S. band, Jellyfish. Of course, I got hooked on Puffy because of Teen Titans (not that I had any interest in the show itself, but somebody once mentioned that the theme song was sometimes sung in Japanese, and I had to check that out. I ended up thinking it was catchy -- I've always been a fan of that retro-pop sound that Puffy and Jellyfish both have different versions of -- and went looking for their other stuff). And I got hooked on J-Pop because of Puffy AmiYumi.

Well, apparently I've managed to top this in the coincidence department. You see, two of my other favorite Japanese bands happen to be The Brilliant Green and Tommy February 6 (technically, the "6" should be superscript, but I'm lazy). They sound utterly different from each other (TBG is kind of alternative rock, and TF6 is total goofball bubblegum dancepop), but, um, they're sort of exactly the same. In that Tommy February 6 was what the singer (Kawase Tomoko) did when The Brilliant Green was (apparently) taking a long break. (The name comes from the fact that Tomoko's birthday was the 6th of February, 1974.) And I had no idea whatsoever, nor would I have ever guessed.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to find out they were produced by Andy Sturmer.

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