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A Post

Blah, blah, blah... Figured I should probably post a "this is what's going on" kind of thing.

Colorado's been, well, green. It's not really a normal thing for here, nor a particularly abnormal thing, but as Denver is semi-arid to start with and prone to the occasional drought, it's worthy of comment. It's actually been green for a while, but it pretty much always turns green in April or May or so, but it doesn't always last until July before turning yellow again. I've been keeping up the hiking (not so much this last week, though), and next weekend I'll be up in the mountains for RMSS (first time in a couple years, I skipped pretty much everything last year), and it's nice to have the more-than-occasional wildflower around for both.

Yesterday lots of stuff blew up, and as usual I went to Wil's house on the hill to watch it (which, the last couple of years before this one was also my house, making it a particularly short trip), and as usual you could watch pretty much every display in the Denver area from there. I was tired, though, because (a) I'm sick (bleh, damned cold), and (b) not only is the working nights, sleeping days thing working against hanging out for grilling and fireworks, I'm also futzing with the schedule so that I can actually function during RMSS this weekend (sleeping days in the mountains in a hot tent, not so practical). Not to mention recover my evenings -- I kinda let my schedule slip out of control not too long after switching to nights a month or two or whenever ago.

Been watching B5 on DVD again. I'd forgotten how good it got, starting mid-second season or so, especially after having gone through the rather painful first season on DVD before (it wasn't that painful the first (few) time(s), just stiff, but the early stuff doesn't stand up to rewatching that well when you already know how all the stuff will turn out).

Blah. I'm tired.

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