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Geek Meme

Because amberdine made me do it.

List 5 reasons why you are a geek. And make them good reasons. Justify them. Explain them. Be loud and proud about how big of a geek you are! Then pick the 5 biggest geeks you know and have them do the meme.

[Yes, I'm loud, I'm proud, blah, blah, blah. And I'm not going to tag anybody, because, well, I don't feel like it, as usual.]

1. I'm a Linux user. Built my Linux server from the kernel up, and assembled the hardware from scratch, too. I've been using it since before the kernel version hit 1.0 -- I think this is my fifth Linux box. I've thought it would be nice to have a Mac laptop -- because then I could run X Windows on it.

2. I don't actually know how many programming languages I've programmed in. It's a lot. More than 25. Three kinds of assembly alone (6502, 68000, and Sparc), three kinds of Lisp (Scheme, Common Lisp, and elisp), untold different scripting languages, from Perl to Awk and every kind of shell, and then plenty of "real" languages. It doesn't really matter how many languages you know when you can pick up a new language in a weekend, having pretty much seen them all.

3. I've seen every episode of Babylon 5 (mumble, mumble) times. Had the set on tape, will probably have the full set on DVD within a couple months. Same for Buffy (already have those on DVD). I've also addicted multiple others to both shows. (My standards are too high for Star Trek.)

4. Wrote my own drill tools to teach myself Japanese writing. And wrote my own kanji dictionary for that purpose, with over 2000 characters in it. Oh, and wrote a working chess program in a day once (or at least the engine for one). Played awful chess, though, and it was a terrible memory hog.

5. When I got bored one year, I created a 10-km scale hex map of Colorado in the Operation Art of War scenario editor (yes, I like the wargames). And because that wasn't enough, I created a 25-km scale hex map of the entire United States. Also, created a 15-km scale hex map of Iraq back during the invasion -- but it was harder to knock over Iraq in my version.

It's actually a bit frightening how many of these I could do. Haven't even mentioned any of the science stuff I did in high school (didn't get accepted into the AP Biology class, but the only student in my school that got a 5 on the test, the fact that I was first team Science Bowl from my freshman year, plus a miscellaneous assortment of science awards and some of those useless test scores. Oh, and chess club -- still play, occasionally). Yep, no arguing with the geek status.

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