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Words, Words, Words

Well, I need more words (if you want to see what I did with the old ones, go here).

Also, I demand that all y'all go there, read everything, then leave comments about how I'm so cool that even my poo smells delicious. Well, okay, not so much. But if you want to look and comment, you know, I wouldn't stop you.

Of course, I haven't really decided where I'm going to go from here, beyond another week or two of daily writing exercises (well, more-or-less daily, no weekends, and the occasional break for bad behavior). Maybe I'll transition into writing a novel or something (although there isn't one in my head trying to escape right now -- I really don't feel ambitious enough to tackle the BFFT tickling around in the back of my brain), or maybe I'll return to my previous state of non-writing bliss. Honestly, it's partly been an experiment to see how the writing would go, and to see how using some of my current copious slow time at work for writing might work out. I haven't really decided what the result is yet -- I'll get back to you. Maybe.

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