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The weather's been brilliant for hiking in the mornings the last week or two, so I've been taking advantage. I dunno if this morning will be, though, since it was still raining here at midnight, and usually the monsoonal thing has worked itself out by then. Just as well... I bruised my foot a bit yesterday morning, so I should probably stay off it a couple days.

That said, I've gotten back in shape a lot quicker than I though I would. It only took me four more minutes to climb Green Mountain yesterday than it took me to get back down (for a 1.5 hour round trip), which means I didn't slow down much on the way up. I'm going to have to start doing more challenging hikes soon. Although I've kinda stayed away from the back side of the mountain (well, big hill) so far, with its knee-crushing steepness and all.

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