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On To Work

Went to swing shift today. I'm a lot more tired than I'd thought I'd be... Apparently, my body was getting used to the normal schedule (a little late... I was exhausted getting up three hours earlier for work the whole three weeks I was doing it). I think I'll like swings, although I think I'd like nights better. And I'll get to do a double shift on Friday night, so I'll get both! (Uh, woo. Well, overtime pay is good.) On the other hand, I'm going to miss going to my Japanese language group, and the whole lack of life thing would be somewhat bothersome if I actually had one. Which I don't. So, ah, I guess I slightly miss the potential of maybe having one at some point maybe. But I expect I'll take full advantage of being able to hike and run errands in the daytime every day. And that's why I wanted an odd shift in the first place. If only the weather would cooperate.

Anyway, I need to get around to capsule movie reviews, and posting this in my newsgroup. Probably tomorrow. So, stay tuned.

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