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Somebody's been bothering me to post. But there's nothing going on, really, so I guess I can talk about all this lovely snow that might make my first day at the new job... Be sometime after the first day. And I made a sandwich for breakfast, and mostly today I've been listening to my classical MP3s while I rip these other CDs, and my cat has been cranky, but now he's sleeping next to me while I occasionally do a race on the PS2 while doing all this other stuff (the '69 Corvette Stingray handles really well, I must say), and I did see Shaun of the Dead again last night (I liked it better the first time, I think) at a friend's down in the 'Springs, and Shaolin Soccer which was pretty amusing, and I did go on a hike up the base of Blodgett Peak, but really, overall, my life's been pretty boring. Possibly even lonely, but I haven't had time to notice lately, and haven't really cared all that much anyway, since I've been busy to the point of sleep deprivation, and that's about all there is.

But mostly I'm bored.
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