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15 February 2005 @ 12:40 am
Final Marathon Stats  
Total Tune-Ins: 37 (2 were me)
Total Tune-Ins Over 5 Minutes In Duration: 6 (2 were me)
Longest Tune-In (not by me): 6:53:13 (yes, almost seven hours)
Average Tune-In: 54:48
Median Tune-In: 0:13

Number Of Songs Played: 1
Number Of Times Song Was Played: 419
In the mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Now playing: Zone - Ashiato (RFD)
Kyaa the Catlordkyaathecatlord on February 15th, 2005 04:49 am (UTC)
*rofl* Someone listened for 7 hours, now that is dedication. :)
Douglas Triggsdoubt72 on February 15th, 2005 04:50 am (UTC)
Well, it was somebody in Japan. What can you say?