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I've decided to re-rip and encode my Beethoven piano sonatas at 256kbps. The 128kbps is just painful for piano (although it's okay, I suppose, for orchestral and so forth). I'm not planning on making any changes to the shoutcast server (still keeping it at 96kpbs, with a few extra non-advertised 24kbps connections available).

Other than that, I've been on a classical kick lately. My dad's visiting in a few days (he didn't give me much warning, darn him), but I figure I'll take him shopping with me and spend the gift card he gave me for Christmas at B&N. He's a life-long classical junkie (never really ever listened to much else), so he can help me pick out some good stuff I don't already have. I ordered a few CDs from Amazon, too, filling a few gaps.

Next week, I think I'll subject my shoutcast listeners to Wagner's entire Ring Cycle. I doubt I'll get many takers on that one. Mwahaha. :)
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