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Not Having The Best of Days

Slid off the side of the driveway into a ditch at the old house. Actually, I was trying to back out... I'd already tried and failed to get up it twice. I was there to move out the last of my stuff -- I got it anyway, as there wasn't much (Wil helped me carry it down), but then I realized that I'd forgotten about the bikes, so I'll get those in the next couple of days. It wasn't aggravating so much as embarrasing and mildly annoying -- Wil didn't have any trouble towing me out.

As for JET -- I'm out, didn't get an interview. Not really disappointed (at least not yet, I'm sure I'll be totally bummed tomorrow, I don't feel much of anything about it right now, probably because I'm busy enough that I've barely got time to squeeze in this entry right now). I was already mentally gearing up for plans B and C when I read the word "unfortunately." I didn't actually read the whole letter, maybe I will later.

At least I don't have to stress over that any more. Not that I really was, honestly. I would have been more stressed if I had gotten an interview.

Fuck. I take that back, I am disappointed.
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