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Scratch Scratch Scratch

So, I went by the pet store and got some cat furniture today (I still need to get a beanbag or equivalent for me, but you gotta have priorities).

There was a particular piece of furniture I was looking for; I had it the last time unspeakable one and I lived alone in an apartment (I'd also had it in the apartment before that). The cat pretty much shredded it, so it didn't make the last move (i.e., back in January 2003). I succeeded in finding an identical piece (except for minor color variation), so I got it. It was, of course, exactly what I was looking for, and the cat seems really, really happy to see it. Or maybe he's happy to see me and taking it out on the furniture. Either way, it seems to be doing exactly what I wanted it to do... Something for the cat to scratch, something for the cat to play with, and somewhere for it to sleep (other than the floor, the only soft place in the house up to now was the bed -- I made a conscious decision to save my clothes from massive cat-hair infusion this time around).

I also got another random cat cave thingy, but he's been completely absorbed by the return of the scratching post/tube/platform. I don't (and didn't) think the cave thingy is really big enough for him, but it's something else to scratch, and he can lie on it if he curls up.

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