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Well, tonight's the first night in the new place. Obviously, I've also got my DSL all working with all my boxes and such. Doubled my speed in the move, too. I switched the monitors around, so now the Linux box is running on the 21" monitor (at 1400x1050... I tried to get it to do 1600x1200, but XFree86 wouldn't cooperate; not sure why. Oh, well, it beats the 1152x864 I used to run in the old days, and I hadn't realized how incredibly dim the 19" monitor has gotten until I put one of the windows boxes on it).

The weather, of course, hasn't been terribly cooperative with the move. Even today, it was slightly difficult getting up the driveway, but I still have hopes I'll be all done moving out by my day off on Tuesday, and I'll clean up after that next Sunday. Unpacking and such will take longer... It's time to start assembling the EBay pile, as my main mission in the next few months is to get rid of stuff (well, that and improve the Japanese).

And, of course, my utter lack of furniture, TV, etc. will be interesting. I suppose I've got the PS2 and my old 14" C-64 monitor for DVDs. We'll see how long that lasts.

Update: when I said I doubled my bandwidth, it seems I was being conservative. It's at least triple, maybe more. What effect will this have on my life? Very little.

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