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Things of Recent Note

Has it been that long? I guess it has...

Anyway, got my passport. Yay. No immediate use for it, of course, but I imagine it will be quite necessary in, oh, about seven months if my plans come to fruition.

Isn't battery technology something? Got a new battery for my cell phone. It has 30% more capacity and weighs half as much as the old one (dropping the weight of the phone by quite a sizable fraction, given most of the weight was the battery). So, I've got a couple weeks of battery life again (the old one was pretty must toast, lasted a couple days or so... It was time to retire it).

My 日本語 (Japanese) is progressing somewhat, after I picked up a copy of the Pimsleur CDs. They're pretty much as advertised, and perfect for working on in my car driving home late at night or whatever. I've also been haunting (and organizing) Japanese conversation groups. So far, very little benefit there, but that's because, well, my spoken Japanese still totally sucks. Gotta have some to get some, as they say.

I'm getting sick of lousy sound support under Linux. The sound daemon just hangs and the least provocation. Anybody got any suggestions? Not that I'm holding my breath on this one.

...And the sight of the week last week was seeing a cop being offered a large phallic sucker. You don't see that every day.

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