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My Name, Part Ni

Current possible candidates for my name:

"Triggs" is easy, since it doesn't mean anything (it derives from the name of a place in England that no longer exists, so the meaning is deeply obscure) and can be rendered phonetically. Candidates:

  • 鳥楠 - means "bird camphor-tree." However, I don't like that "楠" (camphor tree) has 13 strokes and contains the radical for "south." Also, I prefer the slightly more obscure "酉" which means the same thing as "鳥" and has 7 strokes instead of 11 (both are good numbers of strokes, but 7 is clearly better).
  • 酉楠 - same complaints about "camphor tree." I will do more research on camphor trees before rejecting it, however.
  • 酉椋 - means "bird tree/starling." 12 strokes for 椋 (tree/starling) is better than 13. However, I'm not sure what kind of tree it really is, and the word 椋鳥 (mukudori) is a reversal of those characters (exchanging the "bird" character), and not only means Grey Starling, but "bumpkin" or "gullible person." I'm not sure if it's too close, or if reversing the characters would negate (reverse?) either meaning.

"Douglas" is quite a bit more difficult. In Scottish (Gaelic), the name means "from the dark waters." From early English, it means grey or black stream. I've seen the Scottish version also interpreted as "quiet" or even "dirty/brackish waters." Candidates:

  • 田倉栖 - purely phonetic, means "rice-paddy warehouse nest." Pretty meaningless. I like birds and trees, but not that much.
  • 暗水 - the original literal interpretation of my name, means "dark water." Unfortunately, the natural pronunciation would be something like "kuramizu" or "ansui," but I don't think that can be helped. Also, 13 plus 4 strokes -- bad! I'm not Japanese, so I'm not holding myself to 4 as an unlucky number (I actually like the number some), but 13? Feh.
  • 静水 - means "quiet water." Doesn't have the stroke issues, since "静" (quiet) has 14 strokes (not a beautiful number, but better than 13). Unfortunately, this is used as a girl's name. No good.
  • 静川 - means "quiet river." Well... Hmmm.
  • 穏水 - means "calm water." "穏" (calm) has 16 strokes, which is a nice number. But I'm not sure about this whole calm thing. Maybe.
  • 凪水 - also means "calm water." 6 plus 4 strokes is okay, I guess, but "凪" (calm) is kinda ugly.
  • 暗川 - means "dark river." 13 characters again for "暗" (dark).
  • 黒川 - means "black river." 11 strokes (a nice number) for "黒" (black), but, well, I don't like how it looks.
  • 鼠川 - means "rat/dark-gray river." Good points: "鼠" (rat) is my zodiac sign, and it doubles as "dark grey." Bad points: er.. Rat river. Might be a winner, nonetheless.
  • 鼠水 - means "rat/dark-gray water." Variation on above. Hmmm.

Progress made: very little.

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