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JET Application

Well, the application is completely filled out, I've collected all my transcripts and such, all that's left to do is go to Kinkos tomorrow and make two copies of everything (three of my birth certificate, which isn't being sent -- the scary part is that it took me the last three days to find it), put it in the envelope, and send it off to the Japanese Embassy in DC.

It feels very strange, as I cast my first dice and begin my campaign to go to Japan in ernest, then attempt to go on to graduate school in computational linguistics. I'm not entirely sure how I feel, or, really, how I should feel. Because, for one thing, I have no idea whatsoever what my chances might actually be to get into the program in the first place.

Update: Copies made, package has been sent. Whatever mood that may have induced in me today has been trumped by the good mood I'm in now that I have my Civic back. Yay. I suppose that's good for taking the edge off the fact that I wish I had some idea of what my chances were.

I also sent off a few hundred Nippon2007 flyers while I was at it.

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