Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

That Thing About That One thing

And it's done...

It's actually been out for a couple days, but the last couple of evenings have been hectic; Tuesday there was a Muse concert and Wednesday there was an indie game dev meetup (and then there was this Football game tonight, but at least that didn't require actually going anywhere). And then there were some other complications, what with iOS 7 coming out yesterday (though the app itself seems fine).

Sales have been... Not bad. We might actually be in the black in a couple of days (not that our expenses have been great).

But it's done! Which is a heck of a relief, even though I have a couple bugs to fix (and some other enhancements I'd like to make -- but no crash reports at all yet, knock on wood). So, I'll be trying to finish all of that off this weekend so I can get a new version submitted.

I'm much happier about everything now that (hopefully the hardest) stage is finally done.

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