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My Engine, It Be Dead

The bad news: Big O destroyed the engine of my car. Apparently, the mechanic didn't tighten the drainage cap, and as I can attest, engines don't work very well when all the oil drains out. Tends to cause some damage, too, like putting rods through pistons, you know, that sort of thing. In my case, it will require a complete replacement of my engine. Clearly, I should not have tempted the great car god Honda-sama last week when I sent off email saying I would be at that Japanese meetup, barring "major snowstorm, meteor impact, or my car exploding."

The good news: Big O's insurance is paying for it pretty much without protest, including the rental car I've been driving since Friday when the car got towed to the car dealer off the side of C-470. So, sometime soon, my beloved Civic will run again, with a new heart beating under the hood. The soul, I think, was always there, even if it took a beating (both literally and figuratively) when he was stolen last year, but now I realize how much I miss the little guy.

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