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Feeling Productive

Well, I'm sure some of you know that I've volunteered to be a member of the Nippon2007 minion society (and if you haven't seen it, check out the Nippon2007 community I created sometime back). What I've been doing lately is sending off flyers to conventions (like the one I posted in the Nippon2007 group afore mentioned). I'm almost surprised how much fun doing something so completely, well, mundane can be. It's not like it's challenging, just a little research (finding cons to send stuff to? Not really difficult), getting stuff printed, stuffing envelopes (but not really that many), mailing 'em off.

I think I'm getting hooked on this whole volunteering thing. Next thing you know, I'll be canvasing for political candidates or something.

Well, okay, probably not. I've got some standards.
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