Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Game Blog (#3) Or: Technology, Continued

A fair bit of stuff this weekend:

- Added a status bar. (Ooh. Aah. Cue applause.) There's a (now working) "next turn" button there, although the status itself isn't actually hooked up to anything yet.

- Started on the player code. I started with tech handling -- the "next turn" button now lets you advance through the tech tree, although the amount of progress per turn is currently hard-coded.

- Build a player tech page, where you can watch your progress while you advance through that same tech tree (I'm probably not going to make a whole lot of changes to it, I'm fairly happy with it in its current state):

[Click through for larger size.]

- Started adding descriptions (as well as text for technology benefits that aren't directly tied to, say, specific ship modules or planetary improvements and such). I'll probably spend the bulk of my time over the next week or two working on that (and graphics for the techs and such -- right now, I just have the a "default" image, which you can see above. Yay, generic sphere).

- Here, have an unexplored star:

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