Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Spring in Colorado

Had a houseguest in town from Japan, so we went up into the mountains. Fortunately for them, they came the first nice weekend we'd had in a while (May was extra-rainy). Unfortunately, they hadn't finished opening Trail Ridge Road (the high road) in Rocky Mountain National Park yet. Fortunately, they'd opened all the good bits up to the Alpine Visitor Center (the rest is anti-climax, honestly). Unfortunately, the visitor center was closed. Fortunately, the main visitor center at the entrance was open -- as was the road up to Mt. Evans, which we also visited.

It was really, really cold and windy up on top of Mt. Evans, though, so we didn't make it the last few feet to the top. Rocky Mountain National Park wasn't so bad, though.

The biggest unfortunate thing, though, was the Arizona wildfire smoke which made the skies hazy and gray, and distant mountains brown or invisible. That was very sad.

Anyway, Summit Lake:

[Click through for the set.]

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