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日本語 Study/Review (11/9)

More grist for the practice mill:

Particle: (ga), denotes subject (or with certain verbals, object); used between clauses (or at end of sentence), meaning "but" (or "and")


  • XYと言います (X wa Y to iimasu), X is called Y.
  • いらっしゃい[ませ] (irasshai[mase]), welcome
  • 外に何か (hoka ni nani ka), anything else?
  • それだけです (sore dake desu), that's all
  • 少々お待ちください[ませ] (shoushou omachi kudasai[mase]), just a moment, please
  • おまたせいたしました (omatase itashimashita), sorry to have kept you waiting
  • 畏まりました (kashikomarimashita), certainly [I have understood your request and will do as you ask]


  • いくら (ikura), how much or many
  • 安い, 高い (yasui, takai), inexpensive, expensive or high or tall
  • 随分 (zuibun), extremely
  • 見せる (miseru), show, display
  • 要る (iru), need, want
  • 赤い, 青い, 黄色い, 黒い, 白い (akai, aoi, kiiroi, kuroi, shiroi), red, blue or green, yellow, black, white
  • 毎度 (maido), every time
  • また (mata), again
  • 毎朝 (maiasa), every morning
  • 散歩 (sanpo), a walk
  • 雨, 雪, 降る (ame, yuki, furu), rain, snow, fall
  • 聞く (kiku), hear
  • 春, 夏, 秋, 冬 (haru, natsu, aki, fuyu), spring, summer, fall, winter
  • 暑い, 寒い (atsui, samui), hot, cold
  • 風, 吹く (kaze, fuku), wind, blow
  • 旅行 (ryokou), trip
  • 遊ぶ (asobu), play
  • 疲れる, 休む (tsukareru, yasumu), get tired, rest (take vacation)
  • 早い, 遅い, (hayai, osoi), early, late
  • 病気 (byouki), illness
  • 持つ (motsu), have, hold
  • 取る (toru), take
  • 手紙 (tegami), letter


Forming -て (-te) form:

Dictionary ending-て (-te) form
-ぶ (-bu)
-む (-mu)
-ぬ (-nu)
-んで (-nde)
-く (-ku)-いて (-ite)
-ぐ (-gu)-いで (-ide)
-す (-su)-して (-shite)
-つ (-tsu)
-る (-ru)
-う (-u)
-って (-tte)

Kanji: First 500 by combined Freq/Stroke/常用 (jouyou/grade)

Audio: Lessons 3 and 4

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