Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs


Spending too much money lately, but I suppose living this "modern life" thing costs money.

Bought Ai-chan a bicycle. I already have a bicycle, of course (a couple, actually), but if we hadn't have gotten her one, she probably would have complained when I went biking without her at the end of the week here (when it warms up a bit more). I didn't get her a full set of accessories, just the basics (helmet, gloves, some other stuff, plus a bike computer, which isn't really a basic necessity, but). That way she has something to spend money on later.

We also got shiny new iPhones (her phone came out of her budget, but I'm covering the cost of the plan). I was pretty meh about the iPhone, but honestly I was even more meh about getting an Android phone or anything else. That said, I'm actually very happy with it now that I have it -- it's infinitely nicer than my iPhone 3G was in Japan (I still have a few complaints, but, eh, whatever. I still like it). I was originally going to wait for the iPhone 5 before I really decided anything, but my prepaid was epic fail. Honestly, it works fine, does what I want, and I can't imagine anything they'd come out with that would really tempt me to upgrade anytime soon.

I'm also still extremely happy with my new Windows box I built around the GeForce GTX 470... It screams (the SSD holds it back on the "Windows Experience Index" which is ridiculous). It's driving the 30" monitor now, and I pretty much just turn up all the graphics settings on all the games I play and it completely doesn't notice. I still want to get a new 27" iMac in a month or two when the new Thunderbolt models come out (mainly for photography, not really any huge hurry on this), and then my desk will look completely ridiculous.

We'll probably buy a new bed this week, too, but, well... Need to catch up on sleep (been a long couple of weeks, starting with effing DST), and a bigger bed won't hurt -- the current bed is just too small.

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