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08 February 2011 @ 10:53 pm
More Track Photo Blog Thing  
These pictures are from the last track event I attended in Japan (and the first not as a student) -- the 十大戦 in Hachiouji. I didn't really stay for long (since we were in the middle of packing and preparing to leave Japan), but I did take Ai-chan with me. Mostly, we just stuck around to watch the shot-put, and then we left.

Here one of the 一年生 (freshman) was giving some instruction (somewhat ironically) to one of her 先輩 (sempai, upperclassman or mentor). For the record, Reiko-chan beat my distance record that day (although she did do it with a significantly lighter shot, but still):

[Click through for the rest -- new stuff to the right, old to the left.]