Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Domain Name

So, Ai Chan has finally prevailed upon me to make a diet tracker for her, like the one she was using before in Japan. Since I'm not yet employed, I decided to throw it together in Rails 3.0 and, you know, keep my l337 sk177z up to date. And, well, since I'm doing it anyway, and it'd work better if I stick it out there on teh internets somewhere on some sort of web hosting, why not give it a domain name and leave it out there for other people to use (and, well, as something I can show prospective employers/get the occasional paypal donation off of, maybe).

But we need a name. Ai-chan's original name ("caltrack") is taken. As is the somewhat silly working name ("trackr") I was using. So, some input from the peanut gallery -- which names do people like?

Poll #1673372 Domain Names

Which of the following .com domain names don't suck

other suggestions in comments

If you've got other suggestions, though, it'd be nice if you looked them up to make sure they're not taken first. All the really good names probably are.

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