Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Day Seven

There may be a picture post soonish. But, in the meantime, more progress numbers.

Added Drilled Total M. Total D. Goal 
Day One: 113412012542.5%75%
Day Two: 114366718103.6%109%
Day Four: 113981819573.9%117%
Day Five: 1031030.2%6%
Day Six: 2182180.4%13%
Day Seven: 115188920404.1%122%
Total (7):45672494706114%60%

...Falling farther behind for now. Be doing a bit of catch-up this week, then more falling behind next weekend.

Anyway, word(s) of the day(s):

5. ところが (conj) even so; however; still; whereupon; even though; nevertheless; on the contrary; as a matter of fact; despite
6. いきなり (adv,adj-no) abruptly; suddenly; all of a sudden; without warning
7. すなわち (adv,conj) that is; namely; i.e.;

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