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Football (Week of 11/7)

This week's top five:

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (7-1)
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-1)
  3. Baltimore Ravens (5-3)
  4. New York Giants (5-3)
  5. New England Patriots (7-1)

The only thing that changed at the top was the order... Although somehow the Eagles kept the top spot. It's getting to the point in the season that the order doesn't change quickly (since the entire season is used as a basis) short of a spectacular upset. I'm still not sure why Baltimore is still up there, especially not at the third spot. My team dropped one place to 10th with an ugly, rather indefensible loss.

This week, the computer was a fairly weak 6-8 (are there any weeks that aren't all about upsets?), making it now 37-31 for the season. This week it predicts:

  • RAVENS @ Jets
  • CHIEFS @ Saints
  • Texans @ COLTS
  • STEELERS @ Browns
  • Buccaneers @ FALCONS
  • SEAHAWKS @ Rams
  • BEARS @ Titans
  • Lions @ JAGUARS
  • Bengals @ REDSKINS
  • VIKINGS @ Packers
  • GIANTS @ Cardinals
  • PANTHERS @ 49ers
  • Bills @ PATRIOTS
  • EAGLES @ Cowboys

Once again, predicted winners are in CAPS.
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