Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Day Four

New totals from day four (yesterday):

Added Drilled Total Completed Vs. Goal 
Day One: 113412012542.5%75%
Day Two: 114366718103.6%109%
Day Three: 00%0%
Day Four: 113981819573.9%117%
Total (4):34161605502110%75%

I suppose I knew there were going to be plenty of days on the front end of the month (i.e., before we move) that I was going to be too busy to do much. I suppose I'm counting on having a lot of time while I'm getting over jet lag (and the extra fifteen hours I'll be flying) to catch up if I'm even going to get anywhere close to the goal. We'll see how that goes. But at least... 10% done after four days is 75% pace overall, which isn't terrible. Next few days will hurt, though.

Also, it's time for words of the day, which I forgot to do before... So I guess I'll do four today. These are words I've had trouble remembering (so far anyway). These days, they're mostly kana compounds (the purely phonetic stuff doesn't stick nearly as well for me, kanji is way easier).

1: せめて (adv) at least; at most
2: とにかく (adv) anyhow; at any rate; anyway; somehow or other; generally speaking; in any case
3: きっかけ (n) chance; start; cue; excuse; motive; impetus; occasion
4: どうせ (adv) anyhow; in any case; at any rate; after all; at best; at most; at all

Hmmm... There might be a family resemblance between some of those. Bloody adverbs.
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