Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

Go Navy?

So, remember this?

Well, I found the email for tech support and sent them an email.

Reply: you need to use IE. Firefox, et al. won't work.

Really? What century was this web site made, again? The nineteenth? But anyway, I tried IE. No joy. Same DB error page on login. I send another email.

Reply: ...No actual reply, but I did get an automated email with a reset password.

Uh... Okay. Tried it. No joy, same error on login.

Reply: we tried it, works fine for us.

*facepalm* Fine, I officially give up. Navy IT is completely beyond hope.

Incidentally, did I mention that they also use an invalid certificate you have to get through before you can even browse their front page? Jeebus. It actually goes past incompetence, because they also have their job listing on the web site that works perfectly well, and which they go out of their way not to use, directing you to their completely broken and nonfunctional web site that probably actually requires IE 6.5 or something completely unacceptable in our newfangled modern day, what with having electricity and color TV and all that far future science fiction stuff nowadays.

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