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Moving On

Worldcon done, Melbourne done, off to the desert at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow. Ate too much (shocku shocku -- food was very good, though not quite as good as Montréal). Ate way too much chocolate (OMG -- I can't keep up with Ai-chan at the chocolate cafes). Worldcon itself was okay, although not great. Some real annoyances with the con itself, and parties were... Sad. But, well, while I missed seeing an awful lot of people (that and parties being the most important things for me), there was still good conversation, and Melbourne's a nice enough place.

Still... Better than Montréal, overall, externalities considered. So nice not to be jetlagged.

One thing I've been thinking lately is that I'm not actually burned out on working on Worldcon, despite what I thought (mainly because of Denver). I'd been thinking that, but the truth is I was burned out on Worldcon itself. I've been to five in a row now, and it looks like the streak won't be broken until I reach seven -- I was going to skip Reno, but now that Ai-chan has been to one, she really wants to go to the next one, too. And the fact that she likes it so much does make it more fun.

Anyway, I've taken plenty of pictures (carrying the big camera is a pain, but I wanted it for Alice Springs). Most of them have been pretty crap, though. I'll have to mail off a fair number of the decent ones to various people; I suppose you guys will see what I mean when I'm all done.

Eh. If this doesn't sound entirely coherent, I blame it on the post-Worldcon travel tired.

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