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PS3 Wallpaper

Thanks to bigmog (who carried them all the way from America -- thanks dude, you're the awesomest), I now have my PS3 and games again (and also a cheap HDTV I got on sale to make the set of props complete -- yay for 22" of full 1920x1080 HDTV). So, we (meaning Ai-chan and I and the occasional guest) have been, you know, occasionally distracted. Probably going to test out running Japanese games on it in the near future (maybe Power Pro Baseball, yay).

Also, in a fit of mad timewasting, I made a bunch of PS3 wallpapers (icons too, but never mind that):

[Click through for the rest. If you use any, let me know; also, if you're a PS3 gamer, I'm doubt72 on PSN if you want to be my extra-special friend.]

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