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So, spent the weekend in Nagoya for the 51st annual 上南戦 (the annual sports battle between Sophia University and Nanzan University). This was an away year -- it alternates between Tokyo and Nagoya -- so rode the bus with the track team to Nagoya. It was fun, there was partying and sports and stuff. This year I threw the shot put (or, rather, put the shot -- if you're motivated, you can find my results in the pictures. Also -- there's actually a picture of me this time).

(Yeah, yeah, I stuck with the intensive program, as you can probably guess by now -- for one thing, if I hadn't, I'd have had time to post once in a while. At times like last weekend, I don't regret it. At times like this morning when I got my latest test back -- some major backsliding there -- I do. But I suppose I've given up on ever being competent in Japanese by now. >_<)

Anyway, here are some pictures, including this great big sign we stumbled across when wandering through Nagoya station:

[Rumor has it, the rest of the pictures might be past the link.]

Other things to say, no time to say them, really, so... There it is. Exhausted and homework to do (soon-ish).
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