Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs


...Is rather warm and somewhat humid, you might say.

Firsts galore. First time over the Philippines (although I obviously don't count it as visiting, as I never set foot there -- but first time I've ever flown over a country I haven't visited, too). My impression of the Philippines: it was dark there.

First time this far south (just short of the equator -- but I'll blow that away when we go to Melbourne this summer. Previous record was the southernmost point on Hawaii, at approximately 19ºN. Taipei is slightly farther north). First time I saw the Southern Cross (I think, over the wing of the plane, so not 100% sure, but looked an awful lot like I think it should look at, given what I know of the summer sky and all my experiences stargazing in the northern sky). First time in Singapore, obviously, and soon the same for Malaysia.

It's, all... New, I guess. I don't have too much of an impression yet, other than, well, tropical.
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