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...On several fronts (thanks, guys). Still can't run very far, but what I can run I run a whole lot better (and faster). People in track club have been commenting on that. Still suck at Japanese, but I suck a whole lot more comprehensibly -- I occasionally have gotten comments about that. I'm still frustrated, of course, I still feel deeply uncomfortable speaking Japanese (that is, I have trouble at the beginning of conversations, or in brief exchanges, then I kind of relax into it. Occasionally I even start spurting copious amounts of nonsense at high speed, and sometimes people even seem to understand it. But other times I just get derailed and can't seem to make any sense at all, when I'm lacking vocabulary or grammar or whatever).

Writing continues to get easier, but it was always kind of easy. It's mistake-filled writing, naturally, but now my mistakes are more complicated.

I'm still exhausted, and I'm still getting a B (only question is high or low -- it's pegged right in the middle right now), but I'm more resigned to the whole thing. At any rate, the one thing I'm not complaining about it the Sophia program, which is pushing me, and hard, and is chock-full of excellent teachers. Recent poor test results aside, I suspect I'm actually learning something. I guess I'm fairly happy with it so far, and I know should give the process more time. I'm just tired, and I still think it's just slightly too fast for me, I do get lost occasionally. And somehow I need to find a way to relax -- just not yet, I have another test tomorrow. And next Tuesday. And midterms starting at the end of that week and, and, and... Yeah, it sounded good in theory.

One thing though, I seem to be attacking Japanese with vocabulary. It's not exactly helping to produce natural-sounding Japanese (oh, god, no), but it does seem to be helping with the comprehension, putting me in approximately the opposite position from where I started. I do need to start attacking the model sentences, but, well... I'm trying to get ahead on vocabulary (where my current efforts have ironically left me behind; I just finished creating electronic flashcards for the entire semester's vocabulary plus a bit -- we only recently started the current kanji book and don't finish it this semester).

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