Douglas Triggs (doubt72) wrote,
Douglas Triggs

More Stuff

What does it say that I (usually) dread going to track practice, but (practically always) am really glad I went? There's an obvious disconnect there.

Class is less good. Once again, I was the last person to finish the test, which worries me. I don't know how I did, though. (Also, why do they always push the difficulty up a few notches right when I think I've got things under control? Got completely thrown for a loop by the kanji stuff Friday.) I'm kinda worried about this semester again, but at least now I'm just worried that I won't do that well (instead of failing completely).

Also, there was an M5 earthquake during the test, which was interesting.

Anyway, some new iPhone pictures I finally got around to uploading:

Behold! The Windows 7 Whopper, it's... Yeah:

And photo contest proof:

[Links are, well, at the biggining of the new pictures, rest are off to the right.]

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