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An amusing moment from class today... After explaining そちらは、もう紅葉も終わったころではないでしょうか ["the leaves have more or less already finished changing there, haven't they?"] while we were doing the whole reading comprehension thing by drawing a tree with red leaves on the board (using the black and red markers), then a tree with no leaves, he then wanted to explain how it was currently different in Japan (it just so happens that the letter we were reading was supposed to be written right about this time of year), so he drew a tree (in black marker) then looked around for a green marker, and not finding one, grabbed a blue one and said 日本では青ね before drawing the leaves.

野口先生 cracks me up sometimes. He seemed really strict and humorless before we started, but he's really hilarious. And a good teacher, besides. I'm pretty happy to be here.


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