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So, apartment hunting.

The original plan was: take a look around Yoyogi. Give up. Settle for something in Komagome. Be happy. But you know, first we had to look around Yoyogi, just to say we'd tried.

First place we went to gave us something totally awful and inconvenient. Not so bad for me (at least it was near the Chuo line), but pretty awful for Ai-chan. So we moved on and tried another agent. Turns out... Well, turns out they had something that had just been vacated the day before -- decent size, quite inexpensive (considering), and most importantly... three minutes from Yoyogi station. Um, yeah -- oh, yeah -- we wanted to look at it.

Today, pending a final bit of paperwork and such (all the parties have now already agreed), we got it. Probably helps that Ai-chan could do all the negotiating in Japanese. Probably helps that we could drop them the deposit on the spot. I'm sure it had to have helped that a Japanese friend is acting as guarantor -- I dunno if the agent went to bat for us or not, but didn't hear a thing about them being reluctant to rent to gaijin.

It's not the nicest place in the world (couldn't possibly be perfect for what we're paying -- the building is almost as old as me) but not bad, reasonably large, and, oh yeah, three minutes from Yoyogi station.

So far, so good.

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