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I got the grades from the class and my final last night (I might have been able to get them a week ago, but I didn't send him email asking for them until this weekend; I won't get the official grades until sometime in September, not sure where they'll actually mail them).

Did approximately what I expected, which is decent, but not great:

Kanji: 96% (a little disappointing, made some dumb mistakes, was really shooting for 100% here)
Reading: 95% (reasonably happy here)
Grammar: 88% (would have liked to have done better, but about what I expected under the circumstances)
Composition: 80% (eh)
Interview: 76% (better than I expected or thought I deserved, honestly)
Listening: 51% (much better than I expected -- inflated heavily by multiple choice options here)

Overall, 86.6% on the final (grammar and kanji worth 100 and 80 points, everything else 20)

Overall, 84.6% (B) on the class. I faded an awful lot at the end; made up a slight bit of ground on the final.

I'm still worried about next semester, but I'm putting in two or three hours a day studying right now. Doesn't really feel like it will end up being enough.
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