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So, I never did do a trip report. So, in short:

Trip back from Narita: annoying. Security line was a disaster, line discipline was horrible. Was flying ANA under a United ticket (check in a pain, but flight nice, really pushes the alcohol on you, got a decent buzz, nice in-flight entertainment, watched ST twice, once in English, once in Japanese to see how much I could pick up. Liked it slightly better than the first time. Was impressed by Japanese voice acting). Wondered what to put down for country of residence. Flight from SFO delayed an hour. 132 yen to spare after getting my Skyliner ticket, got fluid at airport with Suica. Amazing number of kids on the plane.

My iPhone works in America (and Canada). I find this rather astounding.

Montréal: should have gone with my gut and not gone. Hotel was a disaster, beds that would make your average Motel 6 embarrassed (the hard and small I'm used to, the not-quite-level was a bigger deal), the day they didn't feel we needed towels, the hordes of loud drunk people and spilled beer in the elevators in the mornings, the guy that called at 3AM just to say "fuck you" when he had the wrong number. Also, one roommate didn't show, due to communication failure, other roommate ended up in a separate room the first night.

Other than that... Too jetlagged to enjoy the con, really, barely saw the parties. Montréal was nice, though, and it was really nice seeing people there and hanging out. That made up for most of it, but overall... Not worth the money I spent, which was significantly more than I'd planned.

Anyway... Went on the first real bike ride today. Was going to go hiking, but woke up way too early with a leg cramp which still hurts (didn't hurt too much biking on it, but by far the sorest part of me now. I'm limping around a bit). Was going to go biking yesterday, but it looked threatening. Never rained that I saw then, but today when it looked better... I got rained on. Fortunately, lots of little covered stops along the trail, so wasn't a big deal. Cherry Creek down here is an exceptionally nice trail, actually, probably the best in Denver (I've been on most, but not all of them).

Wasn't actually the first ride on the bike, that was Wednesday. At which time the pedal bent, so I only rode about five miles before "limping" back and having them replace the pedals (I got it new right before going to Montreal, but didn't quite manage to ride then. Probably go more or less go every morning from here on out and start alternating real distance with sprints).

Anyway, didn't really sprint today, but did push a bit, and despite the wind (and rain), did a lot better than I expected: 15.76 miles, 1:08:21 riding time, average 13.7mph, max 25.5mph. I was expecting to average a couple miles-per-hour slower, even less with wind, so pretty happy.

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