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Day Two


This is not to say I actually did well on today's test, I may have even done somewhat badly. But... It was easy. For the kanji part I expected that (and I know I did make a fair number of stupid mistakes there), the reading part... Well, between the mid-term and the final, something clicked, and I went from being a really slow reader to one of the faster readers in the class. And it felt a lot easier.

And here I was worried that somehow the hour we had for the reading section wouldn't be enough -- I was finished in less than half that.

It gives me some renewed hope for listening comprehension at some point. Even if I'm still frustrated (and after yesterday, in a bit of shock). The real problem, I suppose, is that even though I'm in Tokyo, I'm still not close to sufficiently immersed; the people that seem to be progressing the fastest are doing homestays; the people living in dorms are lagging considerably. I'm going to really have to concentrate on going forward, but not sure how to make that work, since so far I've failed rather miserably.

But now I'm not so worried about surviving. Tomorrow shouldn't be so bad, I hope.

What is a bit scary is the realization that the vast majority of the people in the next level are going to be more advanced than any of us continuing on; because a lot of the students are exchange students with fairly arbitrary levels of Japanese, it includes everyone from not quite skilled enough for level three, to just barely skilled enough for level two (which, of course, includes us, since we just finished one). We've been told the first few weeks can be rough for that reason, but after that it settles down. And, honestly, it means we'll be getting more out of the class than they will.

But it will be more crowded. Level one was one less than twenty people. Level two needs multiple sections in the bigger classrooms -- and fall is when the bulk of exchange students come, apparently.

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