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Day One

So, today was day one of my three-day final (three-hour-a-day, three day final).

It could have gone better. I might have pulled 25% or so on the listening comprehension section. Probably did better on the grammar section, but at that point I was already completely demoralized, and exhausted from not really sleeping the last couple of nights, so I probably made a ton of stupid mistakes. (I know I did on the take-home kanji test -- missing a half-dozen kanji when you can look them up is beyond embarrassing.)

It felt like weed-out time, and we were the weeds.

I'm, ah, a little worried about where this is going. I guess it's unlikely this will drop me past a C, but if this trend continues... Any farther and they drop you from the program. And I'm not exactly encouraged by my listening skills -- it's just not clicking, and I just don't know if I'll ever get it. I just can't hear it.

Also, because they're doing construction of some type on my dorm, I went to the GF's place to get some sleep -- only to find them doing construction right outside her window.

I think I'm just cursed right now.

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