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25 July 2009 @ 12:03 am
Life In Tokyo  
So, I was going to post something about how I was really hating Tokyo, the nasty weather, the commute, the annoyances of dorm living, troubles keeping up with school, the whole burnout/death spiral thing going on, and then I remembered Liferay, and suddenly it didn't seem so bad. I'll be in Denver in a bit over a week, summer will be over when I get back, I won't be living in a dorm, and I'll (hopefully) have a much, much easier commute.

I'm still worried about school, though. I have finals next week -- we'll see how that goes. I'm resigned to a B at this point, but hopefully it won't get worse than that. I've been under water for a while (as much due to external factors as anything, but I've still gone off the rails a bit). And... Listening comprehension still isn't clicking at all (I feel like I'm at the bottom of the class, it's only the kanji that's keeping me ahead, and even that's been starting to slide a bit), I still read really slowly, and, well... I'm more than worried about finals, I'm worried about drowning next semester, because I'm already behind the power curve and I don't know if I can keep up. I feel like I'm going to have to study all summer (which, well, I was more or less planning to do anyway) just to catch up, but dunno if it will be enough. I still feel pretty overwhelmed and incompetent a lot (and really don't understand way too much of what's going on around me).

Maybe I'm just being grumpy and pessimistic because of all the stress and general lack of sleep? I do get really irritable when I'm tired. I dunno, but I'm not feeling good about it. I'm almost certainly improving, but I don't feel it, and I can really only compare myself to my classmates, and well...

Yeah. Back to studying. Well, after I sleep and sober up (needed to kill off this beer in my fridge I didn't use back when, not going to have many more chances this last week here).
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Douglas Triggs: atomsdoubt72 on July 28th, 2009 07:20 am (UTC)
That's nothing. Unless it snows down in the city, it's barely worth mentioning -- and it's snowed in the city in the summer before (by which I don't mean early June, that's downright ordinary).

Anything beats hot and humid with occasional drizzle and rain whenever it feels like getting just slightly more humid. Although it's hard to tell if it's raining or just that humid sometimes.

And yes, I have seen the horse many times (I do live there, you know. Sort of).
Anne Marielink621 on July 28th, 2009 04:30 pm (UTC)
It always just skips right over Boulder; we're protected by the foothills. But, really, this one was bad. We're experiencing the worst claims payouts in Colorado history (and our company has been in Colorado for a good 70+ years). I think the only time I've seen summer snow in Boulder was in July this year and July when I moved here (1994).

Do you know the story behind the horse? It killed the man that sculpted it.